• Planning, constructing & troubleshooting of telecommunication networks, horizontal directional drilling
  • Our company

    Our company was established in 1991 as a  limited partnership, then in April 1999 its successor, the HÍR-KER Constructing, Trading and Services  Limited Liability Company has been founded. Since our establishment we have been operating in telecommunication planning and network-constructing and –assembling. Our company employs overall 36 people,  but this number can easily be increased according to the magnitude of the specific work.

    Our workers are highly qualified experts with years of technical experiences in their field of activity. Keeping up with the most recent technological development is our high priority, therefore we ensure that our employees regularly take part in trainings and education program. In order to carry out our tasks soundly, we possess a high-quality, up-to-date computer workstation and vehicles, machines and instruments for the construction services.

    Our business policy is based on the high quality service for our clients, the protection of our environment, the progressive technical improvement and we precisely meet our customers requirements and deadlines vagy inkább appreciating the importance of deadlines.

    Our major clients are the Magyar Telekom Nyrt, the GE Hungary Kft,
    the Állami Autópálya Kezelő Zrt. (Hungarian Motorway Management Zrt.)